Some ward forums talked about broader city issues, even through ward-specific questions were sought.

Not so in Ward 11.

Ward-specific questions came in abundance — whether it was the southwest ring road, Sandy Beach redevelopment, transportation around the Rockyview and Mount Royal University, and the Glenmore Athletic park redevelopment.

During last night’s Civic Camp forum for Ward 11, held at the Leacock Theatre at Mount Royal University, candidates actually agreed on many of the issues, but the dialogue was still enough to help residents like Tim Waddell of Garrison Green narrow down their choice.

“It got me narrowed down to two. This was more of a jumping-off point for me,” said Waddell, a Calgary resident of 15 years.

Waddell said the community issues, especially regarding transportation, are critical because thousands of Calgarians outside the ward travel through the area daily, as Glenmore Trail dissects the ward.

“We have 20,000 students at Mount Royal and it’s ridiculous there is no alternate transportation for the area,” said Waddell.

The final Civic Camp forum is tonight’s Ward 2 forum at the Royal Oak Victory Church, 7 p.m.