Banned British MP George Galloway had some support in Ottawa Wednesday as the community groups hosting his intended trip to Canada have challenged the legal decision to ban Galloway from entering the country.


Galloway was to give a series of four speeches in Canada, but was denied entry into the country for allegedly giving assistance to Hamas, a designated terrorist organization by the Government of Canada.


"We are filing a response in federal court and forwarding information to the Canadian High Commission," said Joel Harden, a community organizer for Ottawa Peace Assembly, the group that is organizing Galloway's intended talks. "Today was our effort to indicate our commitment to pursue everything in our means to ensure that Mr. Galloway will have an opportunity to contribute to the debate on foreign policy."


The group is also following up formally with a federal court to seek an injunction to allow Galloway to enter the country.


"We are respectfully challenging this in legal terms," said Harden.

Regardless of whether or not Galloway will be granted entry into the country, Harden said that Galloway would still give his speech via "some kind of video conferencing format."