Presidents of nine east-end community associations will reaffirm their support for Kettle Island as the preferred location for an east-end bridge today.

After the National Capital Commission released its final recommendation stating Kettle Island as the best location for a bridge over the Ottawa River earlier this week, members of nine community associations will be signing and presenting a letter of intent to Orleans councillors today.

Along with a petition with more than 3,000 signatures and a letter of intent signed by councillors Bob Monette, Rainer Bloess and Rob Jellett last July, the latest letter “makes a strong statement that Kettle Island is the best location for the bridge,” Monette said.

Located off the National Capital Commission Parkway, the crossing at Kettle Island will take truck traffic out of the downtown core, while having the smallest effect on commuter traffic in the Orleans community, said Monette.

The report assessed 10 potential crossing sites for a bridge, tunnel or ferry, concluding that a bridge at Kettle Island was the best option.

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