The news that TTC service would be operating as usual across the city today was a welcome relief to riders making their way through Union Station.


“No strike on Monday?” said Freddy Eras yesterday shortly after the decision not to strike was announced. “Excellent.”


The 35-year-old computer engineer uses the TTC every day. Even so, Eras said he feels workers have a right to fight for what they feel think are fair working conditions.


“If the TTC was on strike I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere,” said a University of Toronto student outside Union Station.


The 19-year-old, who declined to be named, takes the TTC an average of about two times a day from her home in Rosedale. “My life would definitely be lacking so I am happy they have decided not go through with the strike.”

When asked about the strike, some riders said they felt the TTC was an essential service and workers should not be allowed to go on strike.

“I think that they get paid enough and it’s hard on people who want to save money and help the environment,” said Alysha Montgomery, 20.