• Madonna Gaballa, 21, student: Reduce the cost.

  • Rik Aikman: Move work locations out of downtown Toronto into the suburban GTA.


  • Sonia de Lorenzi: Add some express buses to downtown from midtown.

  • Streetcar advocate Steve Munro: A fare union among all GTA systems, including GO Transit, and proper funding so cheaper cross-system fares don’t come at the expense of good service.

  • Mike Drach, marketing and development manager, March Entertainment: Replace all streetcars with hybrid-electric buses. We need vehicles that can actually pull over and change directions without having to use a crowbar.

  • Tina Kane, injured cyclist: Provide streetcars or buses that serve the core only, running in a loop to pick up those who cannot fit on the streetcars from the eastern or western ends of the city.


  • Chrys Bentley, musi­cian: Make it more accessible.

  • Sandy Barb, 30, auditor: Reduce delays.

  • Grant Smith, IT specialist, 55: More frequent trains during rush hour.