Bioenergy, particularly ethanol production, has been criticized for everything from its environmental impact to its influence on rising food prices.

Now a company looking to move into the Calgary market claims to be able to provide biodiesel in a new way, and a Regina-based company is looking to cash in on Alberta's bioenergy with claims they produce biodiesel differently.

"We are Canada's only off-grade or canola seed producer. We take things that are not destined for the food market." said General Bio Energy President Troy Metz.

Metz claimed his company uses seeds that don't meet food-grade specifications, which can be as much as 30 per cent of a yearly crop.

"It definitely does seem like a good step forward that they're using oil seeds that aren't specifically being used for food, or maybe a by-product of food production to produce fuel." said Grady Semmens of the Sierra Club Chinook Group.

SAIT has developed its own micro-refinery, transforming cooking oil into biofuel.


"Clean technologies are about a $40 billion global market right now." said Alex Zahavich, director of applied research.

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