A Vancouver company has been ordered to pay the third largest ever WorkSafe B.C. fine for violations that resulted in the death of a worker.

Murrin Construction Ltd. has been fined $216,000 after Gary Michael Greer, 45, was killed in a blasting accident last year. The company was blasting a rock outcrop on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.


Greer had forgotten to bring blasting equipment to the site and decided to use a truck battery to fire the blast.

The blast detonated when the foreman and another labourer were performing tests on the firing line. Greer was still in the blast zone.

A WorkSafe B.C. inspection found that while Greer might have been impaired at the time of the accident, safe practices wern’t being followed.

“If the proper blasting equipment had been available on-site, this incident might have been avoided,” the report said.

Dave Stewart, senior manager with the investigations division for WorkSafe B.C., called the violation “egregious.”

“Obviously we’re imposing one of our highest penalties, so I think that speaks to our view of the employer’s conduct in this.”