Q: Jill, great column. Can you tell me where I might go to learn about putting together great business portfolios for job interviews? I see that’s the big trend right now. The type of business I’m interested in is Business Communications but I don’t have a lot of experience in the field yet.

A: Hey there Hiro! Literally if you google this: “How to put together a portfolio when you’ve never had clients,” along with any similar renditions of that you’ll find lots of information for various industries on how to assemble a portfolio. I found some very creative ideas easily online from that mini search. You might also want to visit the International Association of Business Communicators (www.iabc.com) and the Association for Business Communication (www.businesscommunication.org) — they’ve also got a journal, Business Communication Quarterly, you might want to look into. You should seek out the expertise of others in your field. Do some networking and see what other peoples’ portfolios look like and take it from there. Also, if you’ve recently graduated from a program, it never hurts to reconnect with your instructors either. Best of luck!


Jill Andrew


Jill Andrew CYW, BA (Hons.), BEd, MA ‘08 is an award-winning journalist and educator with additional expertise in the performing arts, public speaking, PR, media literacy/awareness, fundraising and entrepreneurship.


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If your company’s morale is low everything else might as well not exist. Failure is imminent. Instead of watching your business crumble, consider investing in either an individual coach or an organization that specializes in improving personal, team and organizational performance. According to Jim Clemmer, author of Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work (Bastian Books, 2008), the single biggest problem in business today is the failure to communicate. For more information, visit www.mooseonthetable.comor www.clemmer.net

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