Snow-related complaints in Calgary are down compared to the past, according to a city spokesperson.

Between midnight on Monday and 3:45 p.m. yesterday, 3-1-1 received 162 complaint calls related to snow and ice removal, said Sean Somers, spokesperson for the transportation department.

“It’s on the very low end (of complaints) compared with what we experienced last year,” he said, adding that only 56 of those complaints remained open when he spoke to Metro.

“In other words, we did a good job today.”

Calgary commuter Cait Bell said her first winter-driving commute of the year wasn’t so bad.

“Last year, the first snowfall in Calgary was that one that hit at 3:30 in the afternoon ... and I spent four hours on Macleod Trail going northbound only to find out that the roads were closed,” she said.

Yesterday morning, Bell said she “shot straight down” from her place downtown to work near Chinook Centre.

“It snows every year in Calgary. This isn’t new, it isn’t anything exciting or unusual,” she said, adding she hopes winter season remains as smooth as possible when it comes to the commute.

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