While Haligonians are still enjoying unseasonably high temperatures, the bitter, bitter truth is summer is coming to an end - a truth reaffirmed and mocked by popular American comedian Conan O’Brien Monday on Twitter.

“It's the last weekend of summer, unless you live in LA, where it's the 198,789,960 weekend of summer,” wrote the once and future late-night TV talk show host on his Twitter account.

“Chew on that, Halifax, Nova Scotia.”


No reason was given in the tweet as to why he chose to specifically mention our city.
It could be a poke at Halifax actress Ellen Page, who was a guest of O’Brien last October when he was host of The Tonight Show.

So as the leaves change colour, eventually fall, and you end up walking uphill both ways in one of Halifax’s cruel snowstorms, try and take warmth in the fact O’Brien just made fun of you for it.

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