The author of the Body Blitz Diet talks to Metro about her life as a serial dieter.

“I’m an ordinary woman. Overeating is always going to be attached to my emotions, its psychological. Addressing my issues changed how I felt about myself. I finally understood why I struggled with my emotions and why I overate. It’s incredibly easy to be deluded by your reflection in the mirror.

When I was a size 14-16, I thought I looked great and in my head I was size 10-12. The hardest is overcoming the hurdles and facing reality. Weight issues and a negative body image are often linked to deep-seated emotional issues.

Most people look for a quick fix, pain-free solution to lose weight. It’s not that easy, there’s more to it than a calorific sum. It’s not what you eat, but what’s eating you.


For years I tried to fill some gap, probably linked to my relationship with my father. Today, I no longer want to plug this gap and I’ve found a way of managing my emotions.”

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