Confused about what time it is? Here's a real-time clock to help

We were confused this morning, then we remembered: Daylight Savings happened.

We, and we can only assume you also, woke up confused this morning. Our iPhone said 10 a.m. but our old-school analog alarm clock sitting on our bedside table read 9 a.m. 'What's going on?' we wondered. Did the battery die in our clock? Did we drink so many Old Fashioned cocktails last night that we momentarily forgot how to tell the time? Then we remembered: Daylight Savings happened.


So while it's unfortunate we lost an hour of sleep last night it just means that spring is around the corner. Get excited, people. it will no longer be dark by 5 p.m. You can enjoy start enjoying sunlight after you get off work, again.


For those of you that still haven't figured it out, here's a clock set to Eastern Standard Time. You're welcome.



New York

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