MANILA, Philippines - Philippine doctors have delivered conjoined twin girls who share a body with two heads, a hospital spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The twins were delivered Tuesday night by cesarean section to a 29-year old mother and were transferred to the Philippine Heart Center because they have congenital heart defects, Manila hospital spokeswoman Dr. Antoinette Pacapac said.

She described the twins Wednesday as being in a frail condition and in need of observation.

She said doctors were surprised to find the conjoined twins because the abnormality was not visible on an ultrasound image.

The mother has four other children, none of them twins.

Pacapac said it is the first such case in the hospital, and she was unaware of any similar cases in the Philippines.

Conjoined twin boys with a single body and two heads were born in Indonesia last week, but died after five days from organ failure.

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