With fall upon us, now’s the time to simplify your life and get all that clutter organized. Not only will taming clutter free up space and keep your home looking clean, but organizing allows you to find everything you need right away.

The good news is that there are a plethora of stylish storage solutions from inexpensive organizing accessories to custom-made units. It just depends on your budget and needs.

Toronto interior designer Robin Siegerman, president of Sieguzi Interior Designs Inc., says trays, baskets and stylish boxes are the top three accessories to turn to when storing everyday items.

“If you need multiple trays and multiple boxes, then all the trays and boxes should be the same colour and ideally the same size, so they don’t end up making the room look junky,” she adds.

One big trend Siegerman points to is the use of faux leather boxes, either placed on shelves, a desktop or coffee table to hold items like stationary, jewelry, TV converters and more. “They look really tidy and don’t look temporary,” she says.

For people with bigger budgets, Siegerman says the best bet is to go for custom-designed built-ins. “With gadgets like drawer dividers, various sized drawers and pullouts, you can be sure there is a place for everything,” she explains.