Ken, 30, and Liz, 30


Together since:?


I (Ken) always tell people that my wife, Liz, married me solely because I climbed Mount Fuji, an accusation she denies.


We met in 2007 when we were both teaching ESL at different schools in Busan, South Korea.


Our mutual friend Blake (Cupid disguised as a co-worker) shot me with his love arrow and nudged me in Liz’s direction. Over the course of a group trip to Japan, we discovered we shared an identical sense of humour, a love/hate relationship with sushi (I love it; she hates it) and a hunger for travel, which would later take us around Asia and a big chunk of Europe together.


Before I set off to climb — or conquer, as I like to say — Mount Fuji, Liz and I locked eyes in the Kyoto train station.

I couldn’t tell whether her eyes were saying, “Come back because I like you,” or “Wow, you’re so brave!” I like to think it was both. A mere 48 hours later, I returned, tired and wet, but triumphant!

We began dating soon after and married in Seoul, South Korea, in 2009 before moving to Toronto, where we still live today.

Liz often interrupts my Mount Fuji tale by informing listeners that 200,000-plus people (young and old) climb the volcano every year, so I always end my story by reminding them that out of all those hundreds of thousands courageous souls, she married me — making me both brave and lucky.

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