A new move to get industry involved in the implementation of Plan-It Calgary is welcomed by the industry, but concerning to others.

Ald. Joe Connelly will be bringing forth the motion that specifically states: “a committee of industry stakeholders be struck to determine by consensus, measures that can realistically be achieved together with an implementation strategy and make recommendations to council…” by December 2009.

“I think it is an excellent idea because it would result in buy-ins from both parties and both parties have to be the ones to eventually implement the plan,” said Michael Flynn, executive director of Urban Development Institute of Calgary.

Flynn said their biggest criticism of the plan has been that there has been a lack of implementation plan.

“It’s very important that industry be involved in working with components of the plan,” said Flynn.

Flynn said that involving industry could help execute what the plan outlines.

But activist and civic camp member DJ Kelly is concerned where this Plan-It deviation might be headed.

“My question is, that why after a year of public consultation and hearings, that Alderman Connelly feels that another venue needs to be opened up for members of one specific industry,” said Kelly.

“I hope this doesn't stall Plan-It ... I’m sure this is what Alderman Connelly is hoping as well. I’m hoping that we get it right.”

In Connelly’s motion, it suggests assumptions were made in consumer and commuting behaviours, and the measures outlined in the Plan-It document were to prescriptive and, “in some cases, impossible to achieve.”

Plan-It Calgary is a project that envisions where the growth and transportation for Calgary is going in the next 60 years.

Repeated calls to Connelly went unanswered Thursday.

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