HALIFAX - A decision by Nova Scotia to spend $75 million by the end
of the fiscal year to protect more of the province's wilderness and
coastline from development is being praised by conservationists.

Sheppard of the Canadian Land Trust Alliance says the NDP government's
decision to buy up more privately owned land “is incredibly

Sheppard is among those meeting in Halifax over the weekend at the alliance's annual conference.


deGooyer of the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax is surprised by the
commitment in light of the province's finances, but says it's a
once-in-a-generation opportunity to save more wilderness and coastal
areas from development.

NDP Premier Darrell Dexter announced the
funding in his government's first budget tabled Thursday. Bonnie
Sutherland of Nova Scotia Nature Trust says the province's coastline,
almost all of which is owned privately, should be a priority for

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