At just 530 square feet, the size of Jessica Glover’s space serves to become cluttered, quick. But by furnishing it with custom made pieces, this orderly publicist has crafted a condo she dubs “classic, simple and unique.”

“In a small space, everything has to have a dual function,” said Glover. Its flexibility is immediately evident upon entrance, where built-in shelving has turned a tiny hallway coat closet into a mini-wardrobe.

Functionality flows into Glover’s bedroom where, beside the bed her father built with sub-mattress and frontal storage, sits a novel night table.

“It used to be a shoe shine kit. You’d put the money in the top, and the side compartments would hold all of the tools,” said Glover. “Now, it’s my jewelry box.”

But Glover doesn’t tailor everything in her space to its size. Sometimes, she lets the space itself inspire her custom creations, like the coffee table in her living room.

“I fell in love with the windows, and I got the table built around it,” she said. “I really like unique pieces that stand alone and that you can’t just walk into Ikea and find.”

You’re also unlikely to find a terrace in downtown Toronto that rivals Glover’s. At just less than 500 square feet, it’s nearly the same size as the whole of her condo’s interior and maintains its originality with planters tailor made for the patio.

“It was the terrace that basically won me over,” she said “I really like the dark tones that contrast with the wood. It’s very urban chic. Also, having a barbecue is kind of unheard of on condo-land, but I have a full one.”


Jsquared2 Public Relations is the firm jointly run by Jessica Glover and co-founding partner Jumol Royes, which represents lifestyle, entertainment and fashion clients. See