Contemporary look rids bathroom of toilet tank


Just because a toilet needs to be functional doesn’t mean it has to be ordinary. If you are in the market to update your bathroom, don’t be afraid to investigate exciting new toilet designs and trends.


Some are definite show-stoppers! Thomas Crapper, the man long associated with popularizing the toilet, may not even recognize these new-look toilets, but the Design Team is certain he would admire their design flair! Jeffrey and I love the clean lines and streamlined shapes of these new-look toilets.

Europeans originated the stylish contemporary look of a compact, wall-mounted toilet with a concealed tank, and that look is growing in popularity in North America as well. Jeffrey and I love the fact that this type of toilet allows a wide, open floor plan. The other great advantages are that you can determine the seating height of the toilet, and that cleaning underneath the toilet is easier. But remember you do have to include space for your concealed tank in your plan.

For the look of simplification to the extreme, consider the elegant elongated “hatbox” style toilet, which has been refined into an elongated column with a toilet seat on the top. It may take users a moment to figure out the function of the “hatbox”, but the look is irresistibly pared down. Kohler’s Hatbox version is tankless and has an electronic flushing system. To get an idea of what this toilet looks like, check out

If you’re not up to the newest dramatic looks, more traditional toilets can look sleek and stylish as well. A low-profile one-piece toilet with an integrated tank and toilet looks low-slung and elegant, while a two-piece toilet has the advantage of being available in a large number of styles, from basic to old-fashioned to contemporary. You can find ornate Victorian-style toilets with scalloped edges, or toilets with gold accents, or those adorned with traditional handpainted designs — the range is huge.

For a contemporary, urban feel, go for stainless steel in any style of toilet. See www.neo-metro.comfor ideas on stainless steel in the bathroom. On a stainless steel toilet, you can either use a stainless steel toilet seat (brrr!), or another more backside-friendly seat. We love the look of a toilet seat in transparent clear or tinted plastic.

Remember that even if you aren’t updating your bathroom fixtures, you can inject a shot of pizzazz to an existing toilet by simply updating the flush lever or by choosing a new toilet seat. Check www.prezzybox.comfor some ideas on interesting toilet seats.

Last but not least in the world of toilets is automation. While shopping malls have long been using automated toilets, the trend is moving into the residential market. Home toilets flush automatically when they sense that you are no longer seated. Others have an automatic seat lifting and lowering function — a big advantage in households where battles are constantly fought over seats being left up.

Another type of toilet popular in Japan, called a “washlet,” is a toilet and bidet combination. These toilets can require a computer pad to select the functions you require, which can range from simple washing, to drying with warm air, and deodorizing. (See www.totousa.comand look under Neorest for one example of this type of toilet.)

With all these exciting options, you’ll agree with us that there is no need to settle for an ordinary toilet!