It’s not often the homeless get to savour gourmet cuisine prepared by top chefs, but yesterday about 3,500 fancy meals were enjoyed at the Calgary Drop-in Centre.

Les Marmitons, a gentlemen’s cooking club, provided three meals and a snack on what is traditionally one of the coldest days of the year.

“We just wanted to give these guys some of the food that we enjoy, at least once in a while,” said Glenn Comm, a member of Les Marmitons.

“You can’t say that it’s going to change their life forever. But for a lot of them it brings them back to when they were more productive. There was a guy from last year’s event who said that this reminded him a lot of the restaurants that he used to eat in and what he could do again if he cleaned himself up.”

Les Marmitons donated $25,000 for the event.

“We should tell our cook how to cook like that,” said Ralph de Weerd, a client at the Drop-in Centre.

De Weerd said he was pretty grateful for the meals. “If we ate like that everyday, I’d be fat.”

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