Cool book for kids: 'The Princess In Black'

"The Princess In Black" will change the way girls view princesses.
Published : October 20, 2014

"The Princess In Black" was released October 14. Credit: Provided "The Princess In Black" was released October 14.
Credit: Provided


Finally, a book for kids where a princess saves herself. "The Princess In Black" centers around Princess Magnolia, who is expected to be prim and proper and enjoy a life of scones and tea. But what her royal family doesn't know is that she has an alter-ego as, you guessed is, The Princess In Black.



When Magnolia is The Princess In Black, she trades in her fluffy pink gown for a cool black cape. She runs, climbs things and fights monsters. Kids will love meeting this new non-traditional princess who bucks the stereotype of princesses past.


The book is written by husband and wife writing duo Shannon and Dean Hale, who are also the masterminds behind "Rapunzel's Revenge" and "Calamity Jack." Shannon Dale says the idea for the book came to them when their daughter Maggie told them, "Pink is a girl color, and purple and yellow. But not black." They created this character to show her that black isn't just for superheroes like Batman, girls can rock it, too.

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