Everybody wants a nice car with lots of features. But many people think they can’t afford it. For those of you who feel that way, Metro Carguide has developed a list of very cool car models that sell for less than $20,000.


Surprisingly, it’s a list that includes a variety of exciting, fun vehicles. We chose the $20,000 price point because that would usually give buyers a reasonable average monthly payment over the life of a typical car loan or lease.


Fuel economy wasn’t one of our criteria, but every one provides good mileage. Each was chosen based on price, design, style and performance. The choice for this week is: Suzuki SX4 JX AWD: $19,995.

Finally, motorcycle DNA is filtering into cars. The SX4 is an odd size — somewhere between a subcompact and a compact car. This particular model offers all-wheel-drive — a feature that really helps on rainy or snowy days.

The best bit, though, is the driving experience. The little Suzuki will put a grin on your face after a well-executed on-ramp. Combine that with a high level of equipment and you have a go-anywhere winner.