Freshened for 2008, Hyundai’s Tiburon keeps a sleek style while boasting more underwater DNA.


Everybody wants a nice car with lots of features. But many people think they can’t afford it. For those of you who feel that way, Metrocarguide has developed a list of very cool car models that sell for less than $20,000. Surprisingly, it’s a list that includes a variety of exciting, fun vehicles. We chose the $20,000 price point because that would usually give buyers a reasonable average monthly payment over the life of a typical car loan or lease. Fuel economy wasn’t one of our criteria, but every one provides good mileage. Each was chosen based on price, design, style and performance. The choice for this week is:


Hyundai Tiburon: $18,995 — Tiburon means shark. Newly freshened for 2008, the Tiburon keeps sleek styling while showing more underwater DNA. A small coupe, it’s easy to park in the city and holds a surprising amount of stuff in the back thanks to its fold-down seats. The standard 138-horsepower 4-cylinder motor is great for fuel-misers who also enjoy getting gazed at downtown on

Saturday nights. And a standard five-year warranty means it will probably outlast a few boyfriends.