A boy who found the lone piece of evidence linked to the world’s only unsolved skyjacking is now a 30-something father of five who has decided to start selling his treasure.
Brian Ingram was an eight-year-old on a family camping trip when he discovered three bundles of deteriorating $20 US bills on the shore of the Columbia River near Portland, Ore., in 1980. The money turned out to be some of the $200,000 ransom D.B. Cooper was carrying when he parachuted from a plane after a 1971 hijacking.
Now Ingram is taking some of his find to auction, offering 15 bills through Dallas-based Heritage Auction Galleries. The live and online auction was announced yesterday and is scheduled for June 13-14.
“My wife and I have discussed it over a few years, and we just decided we wanted to share it with people,” said Ingram.
The auction announcement comes after the recent discovery of a tattered, half-buried parachute in the area where Cooper was believed to have landed.

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