School officials at Eastglen High were still in a state of shock yesterday after a savage attack on a city police school resource officer.


Two former students, Cory Royer, 18, and David Patton, 20, have been charged in connection with the brutal beating, which sent the officer to hospital with serious injuries to his mouth and face.


“This wasn’t the kind of behaviour we saw from these guys when they were here,” said school principal Dale Skoreyko.


Just as students were let out for lunch on Monday, a school resource officer attempted to stop a driver who was stunting on the street north of the school near 118 Avenue. The officer tried to arrest the driver of the vehicle and a struggle began. Police say the officer was kicked in the head by the passenger of the car, who was holding a baseball bat.


The officer was able to pepper-spray the driver and was assisted in subduing the two by a male teacher who saw the attack.

“Can you imagine getting pulled over, standing up and shoving the police officer? In my mind, it makes no sense at all,” Skoreyko said.