City cops are planning on enforcing an increased police presence at the funeral of a high-ranking gang member gunned down last week.


Mark Kim, 23, was found dead in a downtown alley on New Year’s Day and since the murder police have been worried about retaliatory acts of violence.


Acting Staff Sgt. Gavin Walker of the organized crime section told Metro there will be uniformed police officers present at the funeral for Kim this weekend, though he won’t say how many.


“We believe there may be a heightened risk to public safety and we’re trying to eliminate any threats to safety. We want the public to know we’re there for them and we want the gang members to know we’re there watching them,” he said.


But while cops will be present to watch over the funeral, Walker said they are not there to disrupt the service.

While there is a cost to taxpayers to the added police presence, police aren’t releasing the amount because they don’t want the “gang members to know how they operate,” according to Walker.

“We want to maintain our unpredictability and gang members should know we can be anywhere at anytime watching over them,” he said.