Halifax RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin referred to it as a “senseless act of vandalism and theft” after more than 50 vases were stolen from Oakridge Memory Gardens this weekend.

Police say they received word Monday from staff at the Lower Sackville cemetery that someone stole 52 vases from headstones located in the gardens during the overnight hours of either Saturday or Sunday. Police issued a release about the vandalism yesterday and Taplin said the investigation hasn't led to any arrests so far.

“It’s a real shame when you think about that people can’t let people rest in peace and they still go in and disturb cemeteries like this,” Taplin said. “This is where people go to be with their loved ones who have passed on. They’re going there to sit and be at peace. It’s a shame.”


According to the release, the vases -- estimated to be valued at about $75 each -- are solid copper and “have a brown, almost wood-like casing on them.”

“We believe they’ll probably try to sell them to some type of salvage area and get money for them,” he said of the culprits. “They’re fairly expensive.”

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