Donning his old St. Francis Browns coat, police chief Rick Hanson coached the boys in blue to a 49-46 win over the junior boy’s team during a friendly game of hoops Thursday.

St. Francis alumni Hanson tossed up the ceremonial tip-off ball before the game between the Calgary police and the St. Francis Browns team marking the partnership’s 40th anniversary.

“I remember when I was a teenager and the police came here for a game and it really left an impression on me and I am sure it leaves an impression on them too,” he said.

“I think it shows the student’s that police officers are human, too,” Hanson added before cheering on the teams.

Before the game both teams wouldn’t commit to guessing who would win but both knew it would be a close game.

“We are going to try our best but they are looking pretty big,” Grade 10 player Dominic Igbelina said before the game.

In the end, the black and blue prevailed but it was all in good fun, Const. Ken Reeb said.

“It’s just an important thing to be involved in the community and with youth and especially when maybe they haven’t had a lot of contact with police,” he added.

Student fans brought food and money donations to the game for the “Make Change to Make a Change” program.

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