Members of city gang unit targeted

A dozen telephoned death threats against four city police officers and their families has led to the arrest of an 18-year-old alleged gang member, who appeared in court yesterday.


Gutu Daoud, 18, identified by police as a known member of the Crips gang, is alleged to have made the calls while two other suspected gang members were in police custody in connection with an attempted robbery last Saturday and early Sunday.


Police allege the calls specifically named four members of the city police’s Guns and Gangs and DART units, and threatened that the officers would be shot and killed.


Sgt. Anthony Costantini with the Guns and Gangs Unit said specific death threats against members over the telephone are rare.


“It happens occasionally on the street, and you deal with it, but not so much over the phone,” said Costantini.

Costantini said police took the threats seriously, since they didn’t know whether the caller was capable of following through.

“You never know if they are serious or just blowing smoke,” said Costantini.

The suspect was arrested in the Heatherington Park area, near Walkley and Conroy Road.