Police have declared the death of a 26-day-old infant a homicide but have yet to lay charges in the case.

The baby, identified as Daniel Herchak, was brought to the Alberta Children’s Hospital on the morning of Aug. 9 where he died eight to 10 hours later, according to Acting Insp. Doug Andrus.

“The child was with family members when the ambulance was called,” he said, adding that EMS was contacted by the family.

Because of the nature of the boy’s injuries, hospital staff contacted the child abuse unit, which then contacted the homicide unit.

Andrus said the 18-year-old mother of the infant and other family members have been co-operative with the investigation.

While unable to confirm whether charges are pending, Andrus said the investigation is ongoing.

“We’ve contacted and interviewed everyone who had access to the child,” Andrus said.

“We’re in the early stages of our investigation and are looking at all possible leads.”

Police said Daniel’s father is not a suspect as he was estranged from the baby’s mother and was not involved in raising the child.