Show offers best to serve and protect

Krista Sylvester/For Metro Calgary


Beretta handguns rep Jay Connors demonstrates the latest technology in the 40mm handgun. The palm handle of this gun is interchangeable to suit the police officer using it.

Police officers from across the country are browsing through a veritable smorgasbord of the latest and greatest in firearms, protective gear and surveillance equipment at an annual trade show this week.

More than 120 venders have set up booths at the 102nd annual Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Trade Show at the Hyatt Regency, displaying the best in crime-fighting technology.

Officers in plain clothes, uniforms and suits gathered to play with the latest in weapons like Taser guns and sniper rifles while picking up souvenirs such as handcuff key chains and lots and lots of pens.

Calgary Deputy Police Chief Jim Hornby said the trade fair offers much more than showcasing guns and protective vests.

“There are a lot of technologies here that would be very useful for the Calgary Police Service. In particular, I was looking at a camera technology that takes video pictures at crime scenes, which is very cost-effective,” Hornby told Metro.

“Saving costs for the police service is important and it’s definitely something I was interested in. But there are a lot of other interesting things here that we would look into trying, too, for sure.”

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