More than 130 Calgary police officers and civilian staff took to the pathways of Prince’s Island Park on a Big Bike Thursday afternoon.

The group participated in the Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike fundraiser to raise money for those affected by heart disease or stroke. Sitting 30 people at a time, the five teams raced on the oversized bicycle in a friendly competition.

“It’s a great opportunity to get a group of people that obviously care about their community together,” said Sharon deBoer of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

“They fight crime, and we fight heart and stoke,” she said, adding the athletic activity is a good fit for the police.

This is the first year CPS has participated in the Big Bike fundraiser, and an estimated $10,000 has been raised, said Staff Sgt. Steve Ellefson.

“It’s a great cause for something that touches the lives of many,” said Ellefson. “And it’s a great way to get everyone together for something fun and worthwhile.”

Last year, the Heart and Stroke Foundation raised $880,000 in Alberta with the Big Bike. This year, they’re hoping Calgarians will pitch in $500,000, said deBoer.

The CPS is challenging the Edmonton Police Service to get on the Big Bike and match their donations, said Ellefson. They will likely ride in September.

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