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Corduroy Appreciation Club: Black tie optional, corduroy required

Corduroy groupies all over the United States are celebrating 11/11/11.

For many Americans, today is Veterans Day, a chance to remember and celebrate the bravery of those who would sacrifice their lives for our country. However for other fashion-forward Americans, today is also a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express their affinity for a beloved fabric. On the day that most closely resembles its signature stripes (11/11/11) the members of the Corduroy Appreciation Club, will be holding their Grand Meeting tonight -- and it's sold out.

While many of us are undoubtedly familiar with the fabric and its unique "swishing" sound, few people love corduroy as much as the Corduroy Appreciation Club does.

The club, developed by Miles Rohan and Sandra Pieloch, both avid corduroy lovers, has grown online since its initial grand meeting at the Montauk Club of Brooklyn on
Nov. 11, 2005. Tonight, they meet up again in New York, as more than 350 members are expected to pack into the Gothic
Desmond Tutu Center in Chelsea for a celebration, complete with a fashion show, speeches, awards, an 11 person choir performance, a keynote
speaker, and among other surprises in the name of corduroy! All celebration attendees must wear at least three pieces of corduroy.

Why make such a fuss over a piece of fabric? As club member Kurt Schlachter told the New York Times, "We have a lot of bad things going on. Here’s an easy excuse to get excited about something, to make a big deal out of something otherwise innocuous."

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