Someone recently asked me, “What are you giving up for Lent?” Trying to be the cool guy, I suggested perhaps my cellphone.

Apparently it was the most humorous thing this person has ever heard. Taking the snorts personally, I started thinking. The Secret Service couldn’t pry it from Obama’s hands, so why would I give it up willingly?

Over the last few weeks, my cellphone has risen to presidential status making it easier to justify why I carry one like a six-shooter on my hip! (LOL.) My whole style of communicating has changed over the past couple of years. What am I ABT2 do?

My friends think I’m addicted, but that’s not my POV. I am pleased that my thumbs have found a new purpose in life! My smartphone is my life … my email, telephone, Facebook, and general “thinking companion” … till death do us part. Can I live without it? A separation of sorts; not for a lifetime, but just 30 days.

Am I crazy? What if it takes me a couple hours to respond to people? Will I miss business deals, memos, or, more importantly … general office banter and useful gossip! I may be sacrificing the social status I have texted so hard to achieve!

For instance, before I received my smart phone sitting impatiently at red lights was waste of time … now they’re just not long enough as I finish that last sentence of humorous and sometimes wise prose. I now have a new appreciation for the horns of some of the more exotic cars out there!

My “friends and family” love it when I’m the first to respond to every question, right? That’s indeed what makes me so special! And what about photos? I’m pretty sure everyone loves to see the world from my point of view so I send them proof of my “where-abouts” at whim. They always respond “LOL” or “KEWL!”

Giving up the smartphone may be a great experiment for me, but I’m just not sure I could be that heartless to all my “faves!”

Besides, does this thing even have an off button?

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