As the weather cooled down yesterday morning, hundreds of kids from across Edmonton warmed up their vocal cords for the open auditions of YTV’s The Next Star.

The reality show, now starting its second season, gives children under the age of 15 to show off their musical talent.

“It’s like Canadian Idol for kids under 15,” said Samantha Taus, a spokeswoman for the show.

This is the first time the popular show has held auditions in Edmonton. When filming their first season last year, the producers went to Calgary.

“We found when we were in Calgary that there were so many kids from Edmonton that we might as well just go to Edmonton,” said Taus.

Nakita Kohan. 13, is one such talented young Edmontonian. For the past three years she has been singing anthems for Edmonton’s sports teams, including the Oilers and Eskimos.

“They call her the little girl with the big voice,” said Carrie Byrnell, Nakita’s mother.

Chosen contestants go through three rounds before reaching the Top Six and travelling to Toronto. Each kid in the Top Six writes their own song, which is recorded by Universal before they perform it at the show’s finale.

“A lot of them write their own songs and they’re great,” said Taus. “Just because they’re under 15 doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing.”

Finalists also learn about the music industry. The grand prize winner gets to record more songs.