“She systematically describes the relative locations of objects or people using positional language.”

Say what?

How about: “She can tell you if she’s in front or behind someone, or last in line.” Now that’s better.

After more than a decade of incomprehensible and indecipherable comments, Ontario student report cards are in for an overhaul.

A memo from the Ontario education ministry, obtained by Torstar News Service, says a new assessment policy to be released next year will address report card comments.

“Teachers should strive to use language that parents will understand and should avoid language that simply repeats” what curriculum documents state, says the policy, which is still in draft format.

That’s good news for Toronto Trustee Howard Goodman, who said he was inspired by retired teacher Tom Sullivan and his crusade to simplify report cards, as he hopes to rid report cards in the city’s public schools of the constant ‘edu-speak.’ His motion, which goes to a committee before getting full board approval, asks that the board develop “in time for use on elementary report cards starting in the fall of 2010, a new list of comments that provide useful information to students and parents.”

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