In less than 24 hours, right-wing shock pundit Ann Coulter told Canada she didn’t pay much attention to it, slagged one of its universities, and insulted Muslims.

Coulter’s performance has got Canadians intrigued, unsettled and wondering what else she’s got in store.

The University of Calgary, the next stop on her tour, vowed yesterday to make sure Coulter’s speech today would go off without a hitch.

The author pulled out of her appearance at the University of Ottawa when 1,500 people tried to get into a speech that was already full to capacity with guests. Another few hundred protested outside.

“The purpose of a university is to encourage and promote the free exchange of ideas,” University of Calgary provost Alan Harrison said yesterday. “To do anything other than that is to go against what the university stands for.”

Coulter and her team cited “violence” in the crowd in Ottawa and claimed police had shut it down. Police spokesman Alain Boucher said they saw no violence, arrested no one and had only advised Coulter’s entourage they should find a bigger space to accommodate everyone.