A small group of protesters gathered outside a Calgary venue before U.S. right-wing commentator Ann Coulter spoke to a sold-out crowd Thursday night, a vastly different scene that she faced in Ottawa a few days earlier.

About 20 people held signs — one said “Calgary is Cold to Coulter,” and a small child’s said “I don’t have a camel or a flying carpet, can you lend me your broomstick?”

Coulter told about 900 people at the Red and White Club that Canada is the least diverse country she’s ever seen and that everyone in the audience looks like her.

She spoke often about how there are standards for liberals and standards for everyone else.

She referenced talk-show host David Letterman, who admitted on TV that he had an affair with one of his employees, and said anyone else would have been fired, but if that person was a Republican, he would have been deported.

She finished by saying if anything she said was offensive, “my work is done.”

Security personnel at the venue said protesters broke a window on a door, and at one point during Coulter’s speech banging could be heard outside.

The event was moved to the Red and White Club from the University of Calgary after her speech at the University of Ottawa was cancelled earlier this week when hundreds of protesters came out.

They came out after Coulter told a Muslim student at the University of Western Ontario in London that she should “take a camel” for international travel, after the student challenged a previous Coulter statement that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed on airplanes and should take flying carpets instead.