A Calgary alderman is hopeful his fellow council members will vote to reconsider council pay in­creases, especially in light of the province doing the same.

Ward 10 Ald. Andre Chabot is putting forward a motion today to convince council to cut its 2009 salary increase to 2.75 per cent from 5.5 per cent.

Chabot is cautiously optimistic Premier Ed Stel­mach’s pledge to possibly look at provincial MLAs’ pay increases during these economic times might sway council to do the same.

“I’m going to bring that point to council and show them it’s not just us but other levels of government, too,” Chabot said. “I think we could really set a precedent if we approve this.”

City aldermen make more than $100,000 with car allowance and a 5.5 per cent increase would add about $5,000 to their salary.

Even if his fellow alder­men don’t agree with a 2.75 per cent raise, Chabot thinks they might make an amendment to cut the raise to 3.5 per cent instead.

Calgarian Darren Dyr­land thinks Mayor Dave Bronconnier and council should follow in Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel’s footsteps and cut the raise.

“I agree with Andre Chabot. I think council needs to look at real city issues before giving them­selves a raise.”

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