While council approved a motion for more secondary suites in the city, the decision will have little impact, according to one alderman.

Ald. Ric McIver, with the support of aldermen Stevenson and Lowe, put forward a motion asking for city council to create a more definitive policy on the development of secondary suites.

The motion was amended, however, and council voted to allow secondary suites in all residential categories except for single-family homes.

“There’s no protection there, nor any secondary suites allowed there without individual public hearings for every single address,” said McIver.

Mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi presented his own policy to council on Monday, which he said would allow for the development of secondary suites in all neighbourhoods, granted they meet a few criteria.

“This is a simple answer, and every other major city in Canada has done this already,” said Nenshi.