Sections of the North West Arm seawall are in dire need of repair.

The seawall, located at Sir Sandford Fleming Park, is deteriorating and sections are “literally falling down,” Coun. Linda Mosher said in a request to council.

She said she received a call from a resident recently who was knocked into the water when rocks from the wall fell down. Mosher added she’s been trying to get the repairs underway for four years.

Coun. Sue Uteck said rather than a quick fix, council wants to replicate what was once there.

She said council is trying to work with Parks Canada in order to fund the repairs. “We need funding from them to help us fix that area,” she said.

Earlier this month, Senator Stephen Greene presented a plaque commemorating the tower’s significance in marking the birth of parliamentary democracy in Canada.

Tower’s history
• The Dingle Tower was built between 1908 and 1912.

• It was erected to mark the 150th anniversary of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly’s sitting in 1758, the first elected colonial legislative body in the British Empire.