Visions of nose-grinds mixed with a few McTwists could be coming soon to a neighbourhood near you.

City council approved yesterday Ald. Joe Connelly’s plan to have a skateboard study and policy framework set up to explore increasing skate park infrastructure in Calgary.

Connelly reeled off a number of ways Calgary lags behind in providing skaters with a place to ply their skills — including being the only one of 56 cities to not allow skateboard ramps to be built in city backyards.

“The problem now, your Worship, is we haven’t looked at it in many years — and now we’re overcrowded,” Connelly said in council yesterday. “It becomes a safety issue with respect to people within the park and people outside the park.”

Council debated the logic of having residents interested in building backyard skate parks go through the permit process.

Aldermen approved the study, and council was asked to report back by January of 2011.

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