A $500,000 cut to sewer services will help Edmontonians save some pennies each month next year.

A proposed hike in sewer fees was cut by 11 cents during budget deliberations yesterday.

And while some were excited about the savings, Ward 10 Coun. Don Iveson was definitely leery about the decision, calling it short-sighted.

“In talking to people in older neighbourhoods I represent, I’m sure they’d rather have (to pay) 11 cents more per month and make sure that nothing backs up in their basement, or that it happens as infrequently as possible,” he said.

It hasn’t been decided yet by city staff exactly how the cut will affect the services provided.

The savings were the second in two days — councillors voted on Monday to reduce waste management spending by another $500,000, as city staff said they could find those savings without a problem.

“I’m not sure what the impact will be on the utility rate,” said Ward 5 Coun. Karen Leibovici.

“But we have taken down what the request was for waste management.”