Tom Hinderks looked right at home among the airplanes at the Aviation Museum yesterday afternoon as he highlighted some key concerns and solutions affecting the constituents of Ward 2 — and talked about how he aims to represent them as councillor.

Hinderks likely felt comfortable in his surroundings thanks to his role as the executive director for the Alberta Aviation Museum and the Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society.

He’s also a long-standing resident of Ward 2.

His campaign summary is focused on developing the community by addressing concerns about affordable housing, school access, transportation and safety.

“We’re getting more and more young families in, but we’re running out of developments,” said Hinderks.

“A lot of initiatives can start in Ward 2 and go throughout the city.”

Ward 6 candidate Bryan Kapitza also commented yesterday on his concerns regarding how Edmontonians are taxed on their property.

Kapitza feels it is nonsensical to tax property owners for improving their surroundings.

He would rather see taxes based on the value the community provides to the property.

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