A proposed National Indigenous Centre on Victoria Island may get a boost from city hall.

The Community and Protective Services Committee will consider a report from Bay Councillor Alex Cullen Thursday recommending council support the centre.

The idea of an Indigenous Centre was first suggested in the 80s by Jean Pigott, then the chair of the National Capital Commission, but the project has repeatedly stalled.


The city’s declaration of support wouldn’t include funding, but would be communicated to other levels of government.

Architect Douglas Cardinal, who was commissioned to draw plans for the centre in 2004, said he was encouraged by new of Cullen’s report.

“We’ve got all the other embassies of all these countries around the world, and I think that it would be wonderful to have the First Nations represented here as well, particularly on their sacred site which has been their site for thousands of years,” he said.

Cullen said Wednesday that Elder William Commanda from the Circle of All Nations will be attending.

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