A group of councillors is urging Mayor David Miller to call a special council meeting to address city business that hasn’t been dealt with because of the strike.

The strike forced the cancellation of the July 6 and 7 monthly city council meeting, which was supposed to be the last one for the summer.

That means that full council hasn’t dealt with items from several standing committees and community councils.

So far 18 councillors — most of them critics of the mayor with the exception of councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, who is on Miller’s executive committee — are in support of the special council meeting.
A total of 23 are needed to petition the city clerk, who would then call the meeting.

Yesterday a spokesperson for the mayor said Miller will call a special meeting of council “if and when it becomes necessary.’’

But councillor Peter Milczyn, one of the 18, said there’s important city business to address, such as matters surrounding the revitalization of Union Station, and an environmental assessment to determine options for the Gardiner Expressway between Jarvis and the Don Valley Parkway.

“The elected body of (city) government must continue to function regardless of what challenges we face: Whether natural or man-made disasters, or a civic strike,’’ Milczyn said in a written statement.

In an interview Milczyn said he’s hopeful a one-day council meeting could be held by next Wednesday.

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