Vancouver cranked its bicycle plans into high gear Thursday as council unanimously approved the expansion of the city’s bike lane network and work on a new 10-year cycling plan.

“It’s a historic decision in terms of stepping up investment in cycling,” said Coun. Geoff Meggs, who estimated that the decision includes about $12 million in new biking infrastructure.

It will bring the city’s bike lane network to 524 kilometres by 2012, up from about 400 kilometres in 2008.

It will also mean segregated bike lanes through downtown, new cross-town bike routes and strengthening of existing bike lanes.

The best news, according to Meggs, is $1.25 million that will be allocated to developing a new 10-year cycling master plan. City staff will consult with average cyclists and people who have been hesitant to get on their bikes to address their safety concerns.

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