The Lansdowne Partnership Plan is moving forward.

In what Orleans Coun. Bob Monette described as “history in the making,” city council voted to approve a modified version of the Lansdowne Partnership Plan by a margin of 15 votes to nine last night.

This means the city will enter into more detailed design negotiations with approval not coming until next June.

That is contingent on meeting provisions including a final review of the financial projections of the plan, developing a suitable transportation strategy and a review of the retail impact.

Minto Chair and CEO Roger Greenberg, chief proponent for the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, called it a very strong vote by council to move forward.

The arrangement — approved at the end of yesterday’s 11-hour meeting — calls for renovating the Frank Clair stadium and the civic centre and a competitive design process for the eastern half of the park, including the Aberdeen Pavilion and the Horticulture Building.

Alta Vista Coun. Peter Hume called the amended plan a good path out of a bad process.

“People will be envious of what we create,” he said.

Capital Ward Coun. Clive Doucet made an emotional appeal to reject the plan, saying the process involved in developing the plan was too divisive to be good for Ottawa.

“This has shattered the city,” he said. “It was for love of my city that I tried to protect Lansdowne Park.”

Glebe BIA executive director Catherine Lindquist called the decision disappointing for many citizens who had spoken out against the plan, but expressed optimism that area merchants might have some input into retail development.

“We do need some vision. We do need some special destination retail and uses. We hope we will be at the table to help address that for the city,” she said.