Transit users who park at LRT lots on evenings and weekends won’t be stuck with a recently imposed $3 fee, council decided yesterday.

Despite warnings from city administration that the expected impact of lifting the fee during off hours would cost $1.5 million in revenue and may result in service cuts, aldermen narrowly voted to give park and ride users a break.

With the city’s budget finalized later this month, officials will now look for ways to cover the loss of revenue.

Ald. Joe Connelly said Calgarians headed to the core for a night on the town will likely not bother with taking transit because with the $3 fee they will actually spend more riding the LRT.

“If these park and rides are sitting empty on evenings and weekends then we don’t look very intelligent,” he said.

But some aldermen raised concerns that slashing the new revenue stream may impact implementing recommendations from a sweeping transit safety audit.

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