The drinks will continue to flow freely at major municipal events in HRM.

An effort to eliminate alcohol sponsorships and beer tents at family-friendly events organized by the municipality got a frosty reception from regional council yesterday, with more than half of the city’s 23 councillors voting to scrap the idea entirely.

As promised, Coun. Gloria McCluskey put forward a motion requesting that staff look into the possibility of banning anything booze-related from events such as Canada Day and Natal Day celebrations, saying such sponsorships send the wrong message to impressionable youngsters.

In the end, there was no discussion on the motion, and it was soundly defeated by a vote of 14-8.

“I said that I would try, but if it failed ... well, then that’s it,” a clearly frustrated McCluskey said following the meeting. “Obviously they don’t understand the implications as they were put forward to me by Dr. Robert Strang (the province’s chief public health officer) and other studies and research, or they’re not concerned about it.”

Some councillors argued scrapping booze advertising would mean tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.